Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Todd Simmons is the new "Brooklyn Events Examiner" for

Once again, Maximum Volume has encountered some competition for my time, energy and attention span (notoriously fleeting ~ WAIT! Let's change the subject. No, let's not) and this time it comes with an EXTREMELY prestigious title. So far, the feedback is that "Brooklyn Events Examiner" is up there with "Grand Poobah" and "Cruise Director" but I don't want us getting ahead of ourselves and jumping the squid.

LCD Soundsystem got the treatment over there at so please get over there and subscribe to my column. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. literally. This metatarsal arthritis is not a lot of fun during the season. Oy vey.

We also got to say a few words about our favorite new Brooklyn band, Sleigh Bells. This summer shall belong to them. A boy and a girl making a shit load of noise. Imagine a chanteuse weaving it over an air raid siren with beats. You're getting close.

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