Saturday, May 1, 2010

Murphy's Law is "Happening" again...

The law is basically, do it yourself, in your own studio, don't take YOURSELF too seriously but sweat the hell out of the process and more or less ~ to quote MC 900 Ft Jesus ~ stay "one step ahead of the spider". LCD Soundsystem is James Murphy's baby and he takes care of it. And in the process it appears that once again it will be sounds that he made that you won't escape this summer. Relentlessly funny + very freaking good is how he do. It is a balance previously pulled off by predecessors/influences of his like Talking Heads and Pixies to name but two. And dance. You can think, laugh and DANCE to this man's shit. And with the new record in the chutes ~ the first single "Drunk Girls" shall be ubiquitous ~ and heavy touring on the impending docket it will be the summer of LCD Soundsystem to some extent at least. Quite heavily I suspect. "This Is Happening" promises to be one of the year's finest records and it is streaming as we speak.
Do yourself a quick solid and trot over to that website of his and you can easily kill a day letting Murphy and friends entertain you. You can start with the Murphy/Spike Jonze directed video for "Drunk Girls" featuring puckishly naughty panda-noids wreaking havoc on the likes of poor Nancy Whang who's nearly blown away by a bullhorn at close range followed by an egg smashed on her dome. Murphy himself is badgered and harangued by the incorrigible creatures to the brink of hysterics. If this video doesn't raise your spirits you are lost.
But these pandas must be stopped. LCD Soundsystem will play FOUR shows at Terminal 5 at the end of May and they will be worth attending, venue be damned.
"This Is Happening", indeed.

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