Thursday, March 4, 2010

Radiohead says: SAVE RADIO 6!!!!!

So, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien has informed us (via Dead Air Space) that the BBC is planning to pull the plug on their most experimental/rock radio station, Radio 6 . I read that and realized that I had never listened to the station before but was instantly saddened to hear of it's impending doom. I logged on and they were playing The Clash ~ "Clash City Rockers". How many radio stations even play The Clash anymore? Then they went into some program called , "Disco o' clock" and the song "Bustin' Out". Good enough for me. I love nothing if not musical contrast. Scrolling around their site I noticed dj sets from the likes of Broken Bells, Gary Numan and Thom Yorke. Get on this my friends. It is too good to die!

If you are reading this, please do the very least and click on this Radio 6 link so they see increased web traffic. Apparently they have an operating budget of a mere 6 million pounds which is the cost of one lousy commercial in some cases.

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