Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Charlie Sheen Mad Libs! Enjoy it trolls!

You remember Mad Libs right? You throw a bunch of verbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns etc into the master computer and out comes a personalized and zany paragraph to laugh about with your classmates. Now VF mag has come up with a Charlie Sheen tigerblood version. Now you too can devise your own lunatic ravings with mystical beasts, violent love and epic party behavior.
Winning?! Actually, Sheen was officially canned by Chuck Lorre, CBS & Warner Brothers today so that remains to be seen but his shoes will be impossible to fill. The only actors debauched enough to keep the character on the edge where it needs to be are all in "Charlie's korner and not with the trolls". These producers have officially cut off their noses to spite their collective faces and killed the golden goose. They didn't give a shit until Sheen mocked them in the press. But NOW they have morals.

Stark-Raving Mad Libs! Part Deux: vanityfair.com


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